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Let's Get Started!

New GUest   Serivices  

New guest services are booked for a generous amount of time to include a thorough consultation. Your initial appointment will be longer than your future visits with me.

This will give us plenty of time for you to sit back and relax while we dive deep to discuss any and all challenges and expectations with your hair. These challenges may include dryness, damage, hair loss, uneven hair growth, change in texture, etc. Expectations will be healthier hair, color possibilities, and styling tips.

We will use the extra time to talk about your long term hair goals. I will assess the current health of your hair and talk through the steps of how we can get you to the hair of your dreams!

I look forward to taking care of you and your hair!

New Guest Custom Lightening/Balayage + Haircut

Custom dimensional coloring you have been looking for. From freshened brighter blonde, a toned down more natural bronde, to a caramel kissed brunette. This appointment is for you! We will talk about your hair goals and I will assess your hair health to see what steps to take to get your hair to your dream hair. Cleaning your ends and giving you a custom cut to suit your everyday style. Ending your appointment with a how-to curl and style to help you achieve this look at home.


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